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Thu Bon River

Originating from Ngoc Linh mountaintop of 2598 meters high, Thu Bon, at beginning, is just a small river flowing silently throughout the stone edges in the west of Quang Nam.
Thanks to increasing water output from Tien, Tranh rivers in the area of Tra My and Tien Phuoc districts, Thu Bon river had raised alluvial soil for Que Son, Dai Loc and Duy Xuyen lands. From here, Thu Bon and Vu Gia rivers join together before splitting in two somewhere in Dien Ban: the northern is the main river called Thu Bon (another name Cho Cui river), the southern is the smaller branch called Ba Ren. Close to the sea, Thu Bon and Ba Ren rivers join up with the Truong Giang river which passes through Hoi An ancient town and ends up in the Cua Dai sea.
On a boat trip down Thu Bon river, tourists will pass through many reputed villages known for their breeding of silkworms and famous landscapes such as the Hon Kem Da Dung, Nong Son coal mine, and Dai Binh tree and fruit villages. Stopping in river wharf, tourists can participate in the countryside market place, enjoy the sweet ho-heave-ho melody, listen to story about Puong Chao, Bo Bo Madam and study the legend of Thu Bon River in the war of national defense.