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Ecotourism site of Duy Son II hydroelectricity

The hydroelectric dam project was started in 1975.
This was the first major project of the Vietnamese people, showing the creative spirit and extraordinary energy of Labour Hero Luu Bang - The Head of Duy Son Co-operative II and that of the local people. The hydroelectric Dam lies on the sloping hilltops, and stands by the poetic green lakes, the stone springs and the casuarina forest. Coming here, tourists can go on a tour of the plant before climbing up to upper reaches or enjoying picnic in miraculous rock caves standing by springs flowing from the mountain. . And now, Duy Xuyen local authority is scheming for investment in exploitation tourism and services of entertainment in this area.
Ecotourism Site of Duy Son II hydroelectricity locates in Duy Son District - Duy Xuyen Dist., and is 5 km south of Tra Kieu imperial city.