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Ecological Mangrove Forest Seven-Acre Walter Coco Palm Forest

Address: Hamlet 2, 3, 7, 8 - Cam Thanh Commune, Hoi An
Is is called Coconut Forest due to the fact that only water coconut trees grow freely in this area. The Seven-Acre Coconut Forest, about 7km South East of Hoi An, used to be the communists’ military base during the anti-French and American resistance wars. This area is called Seven-Acre Coconut Forest because it used to have 7 acres of water coconut trees and the name has remained unchanged though the area of coconut trees has considerably increased. Because this is also the mangrove forest near Cua Dai, it has plentiful and diverse flora and fauna. Visitors will feel relaxed and comfortable when slowly riding a boat in the water coconut forest. They can also enjoy simple food prepared from forest such as coconut flowers, crabs, lobsters, etc. Seven-Acre Coconut Forest is an ideal tourist destination for those who are fond of the wild nature at the area bordering the River Nouth.