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Cham Island

Cham island is 18 kilometers from Cua Dai (Hoi An) to the East, It has 8 islands altogether named according  to their shapes or characteristics. They are the Lao (pear), Dai (long), La (leave), Kho Con (small dry), Kho Me (large dry), Tai (ear), Mo (tomb) and Nom (east wind) islands. Moreover, Cham island has some fishing villages and many poetic beaches that look like the beaches discribed in the novel of the American writer- Ernest-Hemingway- of “ The old man and the sea” .
The sea has stone bands and twinkle coral reefs creating a fanciful gardens under the bottom of the sea with hundreds of millions species of fish and tropical seafood. On the island, there is a plentiful animal system, precious birds: Yen (swallow) habititats together with the other species.

Tourists will enjoy the fresh atmosphere of the sea with clean white sand, cool water and enter in to the daily activities in warm welcome of the residents in fishing village to see the beautiful scenic spots: Huong beach, Lang beach, Anchorage site and Hai Tang pagoda. Tourists can conquer the high hills, enjoy camping-fire nights while having the famous special food such as Land crab, andlimpets (Vu sao vu nang)...

Cham Island is also a trading port of Cham’s Kings and foreign countries and it is recorded in many historical books of Viet Nam.