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Hon Kem - Da Dung Landscape

Beautiful and poetic, Hon Kem is located in the area of Que Lam and Que Phuoc District - Que Son Dist.
Thu Bon River widens here to creat a deep large lake. At sunrise and sunset, a mist spreads across the water creating a magical scenery.
                         “ Ngo len Hon Kem Da Dung
                        Thuong cha nho me qua chung, bau oi!”
                         “ As raising up Hon Kem Da Dung
                       Oh! How much I miss my mum and dad!”
   Hon Kem Da Dung is has inspired many poems, music, and pictures of the Vietnamese people and is the pride of Quang Nam.
   Hon Kem Da Dung is the location of the insurgent army base of the province chief Nguyen Duy Hieu (Nguyen’s dynasty) and the base of the national hero Hoang Van Thu in the struggle against French colonialists.
Hon Kem Da Dung not only attracts tourists by its beatiful and poetic landcape but also by many secret ancient words of the Cham people carved on the sheer rocks of tens of tons in weight reflected in Thu Bon river.