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Truong Ancestor Worshiping House

Address: 69/1 Phan Chu Trinh St.
The Truong Family originated from the Fukian province of China and the Truong Family’s members have been famous for their business, scientific researches and their significant contributions and efforts to the national econmic growth and cultural development. The Truong ancestor worshiping house was constructed in the mid 19th century. Under the impact of time, this worshiping house has been degraded and it is currently financed for restoration according to its original architecture. Being in the Truong Family Chapel, visitors would be very interested in ancestors and handle their family affairs annually but also a fascinating tourist destination in Hoi An.
Witnessing old items which were gifted by Nguyen Lord such as title-conferring records, educational diplomas and certificates on display. There achievements resulted from considerable contributions of the Truong family’s members to the country during the Nguyen dynasties.