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Cau Bong Festival

Yearly, this festival takes place on a nice day in spring on Hoi An river (near Cua Dai). It is the ceremony for beginning crops of the new year. The festival includes a boat race, with a wish for fruitful crops, prosperity and security for the local people.
The festival is held in honour of those who set up the village’s lucrative business of vegetable planting, and pray for abundant crops, happiness and prosperity. It is also a fair to introduce special vegetable products to visitors.

Villagers wake up in early morning to launch a god-honour procession held in honour of their ancestors who found the traditional vegetable village 500 years ago.

Festival-goers will particularly have a chance to experience a day of living and working with the locals in Tra Que village, in which they will try their hand at actual farming by ploughing the land, making beds, planting seedling and watering them like “real farmers”.

In the village, vegetable growers are called “artisans”, not “farmers” because the entire farming process, from tilling the land, digging furrows and planting seedlings, is done with passion.

The trading of vegetables does not only earn the villagers billions of VND each year, the occupation has also contributed to the development of the local tourism.

Apart from expanding vegetable planting acreage and developing tourism in Tra Que village, the local authorities are preparing to register trademark for the vegetable village.