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View from the top

While earmarked for major tourism development, Son Tra peninsula for the time being remains a perfectly sleepy little getaway spot for those in need of exotic exploration, writes Andy Tran.

Bird watching

Mekki Salah first came to Hanoi with the Algerian embassy over 20 years ago and in that time he has worked as restaurant owner and hotel proprietor, but his real passion is bird watching.

Buffalo tours of pottery town

Among the tourist sites surrounding Hanoi, the Bat Trang pottery village with 500 or more years of history, is an ideal place to visit, attracting a large number of people from the city – and fore...

Cau Bong Festival

Yearly, this festival takes place on a nice day in spring on Hoi An river (near Cua Dai). It is the ceremony for beginning crops of the new year. The festival includes a boat race, with a wish for...

Ca Ong festival

On the death anniversary day of Ca Ong, this festival takes place in Ca Ong’s tomb or in the death place of Ca Ong. It is originated from the coastal people’s religion. After the offerings, people...