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Lantern-making in Hoi An

Address: Shops on Tran Phu St., Le Loi St., Nguyen Hue St., and Nguyen Thai Hoc St.
Lantern-making is associated with the tourism development of Hoi An Ancient Town, the 14th nights of lunar months have been introduced to visitors since 1998, in these nights, the ancient town appears in a different shade of color thanks of color thanks to the presentation of color thanks to the presentations of lanterns. Lanterns are made from silk of different colors such as red, yellow, green etc., and bamboo or wooden frames of different shapes like an onion, an octagon, a hexagon, a merry-go-round, a dragon or a fish. Lanterns can be easily folded.

Hoi An lanterns have become souvenirs indispensable to visitors on their way home and have been well-known to the world. Lantern making has been the main job for hundreds of workers in Hoi An.